Topic 2
Food & beverage personnel

A person working in the food service industry must recognize the roles and duties of others in the same area because it helps to achieve the goals and aims of the establishment. Most establishments’ goals are to satisfy customer needs and make profit.

2.1 The waiter
He/she is the person with the most contact with the customers.
­ He/she deals with guests from the moment they arrive at the restaurant, service throughout the course of meal, billing process and until the moment they leave.
­ He/she is also responsible for the preparation of service and clearing work.

2.2 The organizational chart of a typical food & beverage operation of a hotel

2.3 Job titles, their duties & responsibilities

1. Restaurant Manager (Directeur du Restaurant)
He has an overall responsibility for the food and beverage service areas. This includes the lounge, floors, grill rooms and the restaurants.
  • He is responsible for any staff training that may be necessary to be carried out on/off duty.
  • Sets the standard for service
  • Constructs the duty rosters, holiday lists, and hours on/off duty so that all the service areas will run efficiently and smoothly
  • Responsible for all the restaurant service and is in general charge of all persons connected with it
  • Possibly makes arrangements for banquets and private parties

2. Head Waiter (Maitre D’ Hotel)
He has an overall charge of the staff team in the dining room.
  • Responsible for the seeing that all the duties necessary for the mise-en-place of service are efficiently carried out
  • May take some orders if station waiter is busy
  • Receives guests and direct them to their table
  • Assist in compiling duty rosters and holiday lists
  • Act as a reliever to the restaurant manager on his day off

3. Station Head Waiter (Maitre D’ Hotel de Carre)
He has the responsibility of the team of staff serving a set number of tables from one sideboard. This set of tables under his control is called a station.
  • Set of 4 – 8 tables usually falls under one station
  • Must have good knowledge of food and wine and its appropriate service
  • Take food and wine orders from host
  • Carries out all the service at the tables with the help of his Chef de Rang

4. Station Waiter (Chef de Rang)

He must be able to carry out the same work as the station head waiter.
  • Act as a reliever for the station head waiter on his day off
  • Normally have less experience than the station head waiter
  • Responsible for taking guests orders
  • Must coordinate with station head waiter to ensure efficient and speedy service

5. Assistant Station Waiter (Demi-Chef de Rang)
This post is usually only found in the Continent. This person assists staff in the particular station when necessary.

6. Assistant Waiter (Commis de Rang)
This person acts by instruction from the Chef de Rang. This post is also known as Commis de Suite.
  • Mainly fetches and carries food and service items
  • Responsible for giving food checks into the kitchen
  • Clears tables after each course
  • Cleaning and preparatory tasks during mise-en-place

7. Apprentice (Débarrasseur)
He is also known as the ‘learner’.

  • Keeps sideboard well filled with equipment
  • Carry out cleaning tasks during mise-en-place
  • May be responsible to look after and serve hors d’oeuvre, cold sweets or assorted cheeses

8. Carver (Trancheur)
He is responsible for the carving trolley and the carving of joints at the table required. This post is usually associated with guéridon service. He will plate up each portion with the appropriate accompaniment.

9. Wine Waiter (Sommelier)
This person is responsible for the service of all alcoholic beverages during the service of meals.
  • Must have the selling skill
  • Must have excellent knowledge of all drinks served in the restaurant
  • Must have good knowledge of the best wine to go with certain foods
  • Must be aware of the licensing laws in respect of the particular establishment and area

10. Lounge Staff (Chef de Salle)
This staff deals with lounge service as a specific duty in a first-class establishment only.
  • Responsible for morning coffee, afternoon teas and other drinks in other areas of a hotel outside the restaurant

11. Floor Waiter (Chef d’étage)
Often a floor service staff is responsible for a complete floor in an establishment such as a hotel depending on the size of establishment, number of rooms and suites.
  • Serves light meals and drinks
  • Must have thorough knowledge of food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) served in the establishment.

12. Buffet Chef (Chef de Buffet)
He is in charge of the buffet in the room, its presentation and its service.

13. Cashiers
This person is responsible for all the earnings of the food and beverage operations. It includes the making up of bills from food and drink checks. Nowadays, it is done by electronic posting system (ePOS) where everything is posted after order is taken and totaled up when the customer asks for the bill.

14. Bus Boy (Commis/runner)
He assists the waiters in the operation of the station.
  • Takes order dockets to the kitchen
  • Reset tables and assist in the restocking of sideboards

15. Function Catering/Banqueting Staff
Number of staff depends on the size of the establishment. Most of the banqueting staff are engaged on a casual basis (temporary) except for the banqueting manager and a few other assistants as well as waiters who are the permanent staff.